May 7, 2008

Update on New 'World's Classics' Edition

Further to Miriam's comment on my previous post about the re-launch of the Oxford World's Classics edition, my OUP rep tells me that "the cover art and ISBN will change but the pagination will remain the same." The exceptions, of course, will be books coming out in entirely new editions (the OUP blog post indicates, for example, a new edition of Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall--which, for a change, I am not actually teaching next year.)

In other news, I'm (obviously) in a bit of a posting slump. I blame the end of classes, which, for all the relief it brings, also sucks the life out of this job for me. I'm thinking about ways to liven things up again, though, at least until my spring session class begins in June. Maybe another modest series, something along the lines of "favourites from my bookshelf," or "favourite literary moments" with glosses. We'll see. (Any ideas? Any preferences? Anybody out there?)


lucy tartan said...

I'm reading. This is a great blog. I found you through The Valve. I teach literature at an Australian university. I'm interested in everything you post and rather awed at how you manage to keep it up.

NigelBeale said...

You could always read Hamlet tomorrow, and pull up a chair in the comments section at the roundtable I'm hosting, starting tomorrow evening :)

Rohan Maitzen said...

Thanks, Lucy!

Nigel--hope it goes well. I'm glad you got critical mass to go ahead with this idea.