May 7, 2008

Speaking of Updated Classics...

...apparently Ellen Page has been signed to star in a new film version of Jane Eyre:

BBC Films has signed the 20-year-old Halifax native in the latest adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel, with Page in the lead role.

The movie, scripted by Moira Buffini, still doesn't have a director or lead actor.

Page has become a Hollywood darling of sorts after being nominated for an Academy Award for her turn as a wise-cracking pregnant teen in the comedy Juno. The movie captured a best screenplay Oscar for Diablo Cody.

This would mark Page's first period piece. Bronte's 1847 book chronicles the melodramatic love story of a governess and her employer, Edward Rochester.

It's a piece of literature that has become a popular screen adaptation, with more than a dozen productions created for both television and cinema.
Any nominations for her leading man? Colin Firth, anyone?

I just hope they keep a lot more of Bronte's dialogue than adaptations of the novel usually do. It's much more crackling than the stuff the screenwriters usually come up with.

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Amateur Reader said...

Ellen Page is the right height, at least. Too cute, though. How ogre-like should Rochester be?