December 4, 2008

Ring in the Holidays with "The Chimes"


It’s that time of year again--you know, the time for “paying bills without money,” for “finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer,” and, of course, for re-reading A Christmas Carol. But wait: we all know (or think we know) A Christmas Carol. What about Dickens’s other Christmas stories? I’ve actually never read them, and I’d like to. I thought I’d start with “The Chimes,” which is short and appears, promisingly, to involve goblins. It’s easily available in electronic editions (here and here, for instance); some contextual information and the illustrations are available here. At The Valve, I've proposed a miniature version of the Adam Bede project we did in the summer. I’ll post a reminder there in a week or so, and then somewhere around December 19 or 20, post a few comments and/or questions and see who comes to the party. If you think the story will go down easier with a little “Smoking Bishop,” here’s the recipe. Everyone's invited; bring a friend! Or post on your own blog and we'll make a decorative blog-link chain.

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Bookphilia said...

I read The Chimes last year alongside Dickens' other Christmas Books (A Christmas Carol, of course, plus The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, and The Haunted Man). They're all wonderful but The Chimes, as I recall, was really stellar.

I also have Dickens' 600 pages of worth of Christmas Stories, but am feeling too oppressed by my Henry James short story collection to start anything of the sort right now. Next year!