December 17, 2008

Napoleon was Defeated at Watergate...

...and George Osborne died during the civil war. Jane Austin eloped with a married man, Charle's Dickins wrote Bleak Houses, and Maggie Tulliver doesn't share the values of her aunts the Duncans. Night is a non-fiction novel, realism is when you decide to write realistically about reality, and unreliable narration is when you don't believe what you are saying.

Yes, I'm grading exams.



Justin Hamm said...

And yet there must be some in the pile that surprise or impress you in a good way, yes?

Once I'm done with the gigantic pile, I only allow myself to remember those.

Bookphilia said...

Ha! And I'm reading Anguished English on your recommendation. I hope you get some real gems in the marking pile to make up for the bloopers...

Jim H. said...

Hilarious! And sad at the same time.

Here's some more to lift your spirits:

Best wishes for the holidays,
Jim H.

Wisdom of the West

christophervilmar said...

Jane Austin did elope with Steve Austin. Yup, that's right: with the Bionic Man. And it wasn't her sister Cassandra who burned her letters, it was the CIA, trying to protect its $6mill investment.

See, it all makes sense.