February 22, 2010

Novel Readings Discovered by the Spammers

For the first time since I started this blog three years ago, I've been spammed to such an extent that I've turned on comment moderation. I've always felt that this step slows down discussion--which is hard enough to generate as it is--but it's certainly preferable to having the comments sections littered with links to pornographic sites or essay mills. So, my apologies to the real readers and writers out there for what I hope will be short delays between when you post your thoughtful remarks and when they appear here.


Bookphilia said...

You've hit the big time!

I don't think any apology is necessary. :)

Jeanne said...

Spammers are more active now than ever--they're even hitting the blog I update for a course I'm teaching, which has a readership of 18 at most.

Unfocused Idiot said...

I'm a brand new blog and have very little traffic but I got three spam messages that linked to Japanese PORN sites! Yuck.