September 26, 2008

How Not to Talk to Your Professor

On the stairs of an academic building, 3 minutes before class time:
Student: Professor!

Professor (thinking is this one of mine?): Yes?

Student: I'm in your English 1010 class.

Professor (at least this one knows which English class): What is it?

Student: I just wanted you to know that I'm in sciences and I'm just taking your class because I need my writing requirement.

Professor: (here it comes) . . .

Student: The thing is I really don't get English.

Professor: (Oh no, she's heard about our secret code! I can't just hand that out to someone in the sciences!) Well, you can meet your writing requirement in lots of subjects besides English.

Student: Honestly, I have to take this course because it's the only writing class I can take and still fit in all the science classes I need.

Professor: Hmmm. Well, that's unfortunate.

Student: Yes, it's really awful.
Professor: . . .


praymont said...

I recently had a student in my office to appeal her grade. Exasperated by the fact that none of her pleas effected a grade change, she brought out her best case, saying, "I only took this course because I thought it would raise my GPA, but with this mark it won't."

Rohan Maitzen said...

Ouch: that's a good one. I sometimes wonder, if we could video them and play back the tape, would they feel any shame? I like to imagine they say these things because it hasn't yet occurred to them what they are really saying (like the infamous 'Did I miss anything?'). But I'm not entirely sure.