December 1, 2009


for Ric--little arms!

Forget Jane Austen's History of England. . . Introducing, for the first time ever in digital form, The Princess Who Went to England -- also partial, also prejudiced, with even fewer dates, and with a surprise ending!

(technical hint: clicking on the image brings it up full size)

See? I bet you hadn't anticipated the war. And how postmodern is it to end, and then to end again?

Bonus Feature: Lucia Di Lammermoor in a nutshell:

More real posts soon.

P.S. Princess Margaret is still a chicken; she had a lovely time in England this time too.


Pharos said...

Hey, who needs arms if you're a queen? (or perhaps a princess?)

Did Margaret anticipate Rohan's 'holaday' in England last June??

Rohan Maitzen said...

who needs arms if you're a queen?

So true! What are servants for, after all? :-)