April 29, 2008

Ooooh, My Aching Head...

Grading exams is a tarafying experience. It is enough to drive me insain. You see, as the professor I feel responcable, as if I am the purpotrator of their leathal errors. It may be contraversal to make this cratique, but I have not reached the necasary level of acseptence of their ignorance of the convensions and rules of spelling. I would be a lie-er or guilty of hypocracy if I said otherwise or did not take this opertunity to expose it. It's enough to bring on post-pardom depression, even in someone whose manners are usually impecible. I have decended into marking purgatory. Someone should launch an investegation of the causes of this mass confusion.*

(I'm guessing reliance on spell-checkers has something to do with it.)

*Guaranteed 100% authentic spelling errors.

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praymont said...

I'm in the same boot. Meaning the same kind of reading. Lots and lots. Without an end incite. Its vary difficult though since: their is no truth but that can at once make things easier if you think about it its ok maybe in the end thats why the facts are their.