August 11, 2007

Searching for Mrs Oliphant...?

I've recently noticed that an unexpectedly large number of 'hits' on this blog result from Google searches for Margaret Oliphant or one of the two Oliphant novels I've posted on (Hester and Miss Marjoribanks). I'm guessing that the explanation is not a surge of interest in Oliphant among internet surfers but rather a dearth of other internet sources on her, which would make my small contributions more visible. (It would be nice if it were a sign of something else too, of course.) In case anyone lands here who is looking for more substantial sources, I recommend Mary Husemann's bibliography at the Victorian Web and the collection edited by D. J. Trela called Margaret Oliphant: Critical Essays on a Gentle Subversive as useful starting points for research. And if you haven't read it, Oliphant's Autobiography is engaging and often moving.


Ana Garcia said...

May I also suggest my own Oliphant site? The URL is It is not a massive collection of resources but I hope it is of some help to anyone trying to find further on Mrs Oliphant. Just a thought!

Rohan Maitzen said...

Thanks for the tip; I'll certainly bookmark the site myself.