May 2, 2007

Back to Work

It's not because I haven't been reading that I haven't posted anything here in a couple of weeks: I've been on vacation in my real home town, beautiful Vancouver, and talking about books with real live people for a while--kind of a nice change, since (absent any comments on my posts) writing things up for this blog seems like speaking into a void, or just talking to myself. Anyway, I'll be putting up some thoughts soon on The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I finished just before I left (good book!), Goodnight Nobody, which I bought to read on the plane (mildly entertaining), and A Changed Man, by Francine Prose, which I am still finishing up (interesting, a bit quirky). It was a treat and a terrible temptation to browse in the many wonderful bookstores in Vancouver, especially my traditional favourites, Duthie's and Hagar Books--and, of course, Vancouver Kidsbooks.

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